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Oct 28, 2021

Most of what we see are backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, and waist bags in daily life. The appearance rate of chest bag is relatively low, but personally, this does not mean chest packs are inferior than those mentioned.

On the contrary, I think that integrates the advantages of the bags mentioned above and it makes a comprehensive and balanced equipment.

This time I was honored to discuss the Lii Gear Mr.Control Chest Bag


The body size of the Lii Gear chest bag measures 26✖12.5✖5 cubic centimeters with capacity of about 1.6L, and net weight is 235g. Whole body is consists of the best material for bag, including 500D Cordura, Dyneema, and 500D matte fabrics.

Obviously, the Mr.Control tactical chest bag is designed with two compartments on the outside of the front.

Inside of the compartment is equipped with elastic webbing fixing strips, which can be used to place Everyday Carry, which we usually call EDC, and as a EDC chest bag, I must say this one is impressive.

The outer side of the left compartment is a rectangular Velcro surface, which can be used to paste Velcro patches or signal lights.

Tactical Chest Bag - 004
Open Zipper

The outer of the right is a zipper compartment, and the outside is a 4✖2 MOLLE system area, which can be used Used to hang items at any time.

It has only one main compartment, and the opening is controlled by a two-way zipper over 180 angle. The larger space is suitable for accessing the article in it.

Tactical Chest Bag - 005
Three Inside Compartment

Three compartments are geared on the front side of the main bag cabin to manage the internal space.

The backside is a whole piece of Velcro. Such a simple internal space planning is often not enough for daily use. It will make the gear contained too messy for ready access. Therefore, the supporting backplane with a main warehouse can be added by yourself according to your needs. With this “chest pack companion” back panel, the space management inside the main cabin will be well organized.

At both ends of the zipper opening of the main compartment, A hanging loop made of umbrella rope is placed, which can also be used to mount stuff.

Conceal Bag
Conceal Bag
Velcro Open
Velcro Open


On the back of Lii Gear chest bag, an opening compartment with Velcro is also designed. This compartment is an conceal bag, which can hold a small notebook, and the two webbing loops on it can hold a pen. There is a shallower compartment on each side of this bag.

The bottom of the chest bag is made of wear-resistant Dyneema material with high strength. Similarly, a pair of MOLLE webbing is engineered on both sides of the bottom.


Quick-Release Buckle

The main body of the chest bag is connected with the strap and the backpack accessories through a quick release buckle, and the ready release can be achieved by just a slight of pulling.

Compared with the original shoulder strap, the carrying accessories are more comfortable, more convenient, and more suitable for daily use. it impress users with a more vital tactical and functional style with carrying accessories.

Moreover, quick-release buckles can also enable the chest bag to be quickly removed without taking off the jacket.

The carrying accessories are connected to the chest bag through two webbing loops on the upper part and quick-release buckles on both sides. The extra amount of the webbing on both sides after adjustment can be bundled by the elastic webbing loop.

amount webbing
amount webbing
quick release buckle
quick release buckle

Carrying accessories can be quickly adjusted according to the user’s own height, bust, etc. The bottoms of the two shoulder straps on the chest are made of relatively hard composite materials. On the basis of ensuring the strength, laser cutting openings are exploited. 

The openings can allow extra webbing to adjust up and down to pass through and be arranged to not be too messy. For me, I even added a D-RING buckle to fix.

In addition, on the two shoulder straps, there are three grid spaces formed by the webbing, which can also be used to mount gears.

Mount Points Of Straps
Mount Points Of Straps

Don’t worry if you still feel that they are not enough,even if there are enough plug-ins at present. There is a trick as well–the extension board. The extension plates are installed on both sides of it with quick-release buckles. Each extension plate has 2✖2 grids of MOLLE webbing. Then, there are eight more grids. In this vein, the protruding parts on both sides of the protruding board and the chest bag are made of the identical filling material and elastic fabric, which are relatively soft and comfortable.

Full View -01

Before using the chest bag, shoulder bags and backpacks were the most commonly used bags daily. Waist bags were occasionally seen

And their respective drawbacks (uncomfortable to carry,inconvenient for fast access) make me feel that according to my own needs, the most appropriate daily use should be the chest bag. in conclusion, and Facts have also confirmed this. 

During the past month of use, I matched it according to my habits and the characteristics of Mr. Control chest bag. A flashlight and a quick-pull magazine pouch are attached to the MOLLE webbing on the chest. The magazine pouch can be used to place a mobile phone, which is very convenient to access; a tourniquet and a small sub-bag are mounted on the extension boards on both sides. And a mountaineering ring; the hanging rings on both sides are hung with a small signal lamp and a hanging buckle for hanging gloves; I have inserted a mechanical stick on the bottom of the MOLLE webbing.

Chest Bag with Flashlight
Chest Bag with Flashlight

When using the flashlight on the chest at night, especially when step into the dark corridor, you can insert it back to let the light beam hit the ceiling and reflect, achieving large-area lighting and free your hands in the mean time.

use of ring buckle
use of ring buckle

At the same time, some of the demerit were also found. This problems happened to two shoulder accessories straps. Due to the friction of the under buckle is not enough, If the chest bag is too heavy or prolonged duration of use, the webbing will be pulled out of its position and needs to be adjusted to the previously position timely. After a few times, I added a D RING buckle to this piece for reinforcement, solving the problem. The other underachiever is the tightening of the extra webbing on the shoulder strap, solved by the D buckle as well.


Three merits that comes to users during the past month

1. Flexibility, Lii Gear Mr. Control chest bag can hang many items according to your habits and preferences, a gospel for EDC enthusiasts.

2. Practical use. Compared with shoulder bags, backpacks, and waist bags, the chest bag + carrying accessories combination has better carrying comfort while considering the advantages of sufficient capacity, more convenient access, higher safety, and better air permeability. , You don’t need to take it off when driving the vehicle, it doesn’t affect the driving, and it doesn’t affect the backpack at the same time;

3. Tactics and camouflage: For some particular occupations, the choice of kits needs to take into account both daily use and task use. Mr.Control is small in size, suitable for camouflage carrying, and at the same time, it can carry weapons and equipment with a slight of modification.

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