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Reviews (16)
  • Bl****er
    Vest has many different colors. This one was black camouflage. Vest is comfortable and adjustable. Has many pockets for pistol, subs, and m4/ak47. Vest disassembles to create other variations of vest depending on your load out. Price is steep. I like this vest but there may be cheaper alternatives.
  • Al****aA
    Hey everyone, hopefully this review helps a little.

    I’m 6’ 0”, 130lbs (yes i’m skinny and lanky)
    Upon first getting my hands on the vest there were a couple of points i’d like to note:

    Pros: At first inspection, i was thoroughly surprised at the quality of construction for the pricepoint, the quick release shoulder buckles are thick and durable, the stitching is great, it holds both my 10x12 plates very easily and snug. It also comes with 9 standard sized rifle magazine pouches, and 4 pistol magazine pouches as well as additional storage behind the plate pouches for trauma pads or medical chest seals/equipment.

    Not really many negatives to say honestly, fairly surprised at the quality for the pricepoint and definitely will be recommending it to anyone looking for an affordable and ready-to-go plate carrier system.
  • Pa****ik
    I love this plate carrier!
    It fits 10x12 plates to it (I ordered the Yakeda Foam plates) cause ya know? I just wanted to look cool in them for movies hahaha, but I read from other reviewers that you could fit real ballistic plates in them as well for real protection! I love how lightweight it is and it holds up well moving around like a ninja in training too. All in all, it is definitely worth purchasing! The quick release is nice to have! And lots of moles and I like how the pouches for your mags are organized, you can slap comms on them etc. I got the CB! I’m happy with my purchase!
  • Mi****en
    Ok,holds standard size plates and is pretty much completely customizable. The only thing you can’t move are the three magazine pouches on your stomach area, those are attached to the PC.
    When I was running this set up I put the 2 extra detachable Mag pouches on the front with a rip off bag and foldaway pouch under my secondary arm.
    For around $110 it’s A great initial set up!
  • M****z
    Oh,men!This vest is badass! So cool! It’s comfortable and fits perfectly. And it looks badass with my outfit, so I recommend buying it
  • R****l
    I bought the CB color. Plate carrier Vest is perfect. Unique easy on, easy off clasp, 9 AR mag pouches, and 4 pistol pouches with plenty of molle space on back side for med kit, hydration pack etc... super durable material,Bargain price, great quality, can't beat it.
  • ro****ke
    Was skeptical about this. I bought this to substitute a high end plate carrier for real world training. I am impressed. This carrier is comfortable, durable and easy to take off and put on. It held up to rigorous training. Had many pouches However the mag pouches in back were sort of not practical. The molle held up fine with a gas mask clipped on it. This plate carrier is definitely worth the price. I just wanted something lighter and suit my needs. It did that and more. Our MILES gear easily attaches to it. Comms attached easily as well. For the price you can't go wrong.
  • M****H
    Lately i have several load bearing vests but this is one of the best yet - also can be a plate carrier - it is build mil spec tough and rugged it is worth every dime
  • mi****ll
    Rig is great so far but I have only had it a month. One complaint I have is that it doesn’t adjust much for height. The shoulder straps don’t allow for much adjustment if you want it to ride higher on your chest. I have a duty belt that I don’t want it to interfere with so I like it to ride other than most. Other than that it seems pretty legit.
    Service:Thanks for your kindly feedback! Hope you have a good day.
    Best regards
  • C****s
    Definatly a nice plate carrier and it showed up in a timely manner giving 4 stars and not 5 i would have given 5 stars but it didnt show up 30minutes or less lol.good company just follow your tracking number and youl be good
    Certified Buyer
  • C****s
    The item showed up quickly within the 5-7 days great looking and feeling product.customer service was excellent.It how you talk to people cordial and appreciative and youl get good results.this vompany has fixed its logistics issues and is worthy of this good review
    Certified Buyer
  • Me****on
    Very high quality vest, still can't believe it so affordable. Perfect for 10x12 armor plate and will not fit anything bigger. For the people who want a big vest this is not the carrier for you because it only the size of a 10x12 plate.
  • Sa****nd
    I chose this purposely over the expensive Crye or ONETIGRI brands as this in my opinion is worth more to me for having the quick disconnect Side Buckles

    ** No Velcro to Worry About. Easy Buckle Disconnect to get off and Move on.
    ** Low Profile due to this
    ** Nice Mesh Breathable construction unlike my other JPC's that make me sweat profusely.
    ** These aren't as sexy as the other brands but they Fuction 100%
    Strongly recommend so much that I bought 2 for an M4 Loadout and a 9MM Loadout.
    Certified Buyer
  • Gr****ko
    Not gonna lie, I’m always skeptical about cheap plate carries but dammit this thing is nice. Bought is for someone as a Christmas gift and I’m thinking about trading it for my 150 dollar vest. It’s really nice. Mollie accessories with lots of room.
    Certified Buyer
  • Jo****ik
    Great alternative to those pricey chest rigs on the market. Comes with a ton of mag storage for both pistol and rifle. Nice Molle webbing makes easy to add on attachments. A+ durability so far.
    Certified Buyer
  • Ni****ca
    I've worn many High End PCs, in both an LEO and Militsry Service
    This PC is comfortable, well made and great for the price. I didnt give it 5 stars because I haven't worn it for a long period if time and put it their its paces. Yet. For a truck set up this is a great buy.
    Certified Buyer

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