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TacticalXmen Level IIIA Oversized Enhanced Tactical Body Armor Plates

TacticalXmen Level IIIA Oversized Enhanced Tactical Body Armor PlatesItem NO.: 3514948

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TacticalXmen Level IIIA Oversized Enhanced Tactical Body Armor Plates
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  • .PE Material
  • .11×14“ Size
  • .0.31 Inch Thick
  • .Compatible with the Hellcat Tactical Vest
  • .5 years Service Duration
  • *Note: Need to order in advance-Shipped within 10 days after ordering
  • Features:
    .The reinforced protective plates are made of high-performance polyethylene fiber reinforced composite material, consisting of 90 layers of 10mm PE and 6mm silicon carbide, with mature and reliable production process, and can be designed according to the protection level and shape demanded by customers. They are widely used in armored vehicles, bulletproof vehicles, light tanks, bulletproof speedboats, submarine boats and helicopters.
    .Inspired by the appearance of the geometric multi-angle facets of a tank, the protective plates are using the principle of equivalent armor, increasing the angle of the cut surface on the basis of the curved plate. It will increase the equivalent thickness without increasing the physical thickness, improve the defense performance of the bulletproof plate, and ensure the light weight under the same protection capacity. Features the ergonomic structure, the protective plates are suitable for tactical positions.
    .Implementation Standards: The protective plates has passed the test of the Ministry of Arms Special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and inline with requirements of "GA141-2010" and level-5 requirements of the police bulletproof vests.
    .The chest bulletproof plate made of special processing technology has good stability and consistency, showing high strength, light weight, anti-fire, small depression, bulletproof ability, can withstand multiple blows, and without ricochet secondary injury.
    .Ballistic protection rating and firing distance:
    Type 1977 7.62mm pistol, type 1964 7.62mm pistol bullet, 15 meters
    Type 1954 7.62mm pistol, type 1951 7.62mm pistol bullet, 15 meters
    Type 1979 7.62mm light sub-machine gun, type 1951 7.62mm pistol bullet, 15 meters.

    .This protective plate is compatible with the Hellcat Tactical Vest.

    .Color: Black/MC
    .Material: PE
    .Protection Level: China GA-3 level / U.S. NIJ IIIA level
    .Single Plate Size: 28×35cm
    .Protective Area: 0.098 Square Meters
    .Net Weight of Single Plate: 750±10g
    .Thickness of Single Plate: 8mm/0.31"
    .Service Duration: 5 years
    .Product Weight: 1500g
    .Package Weight: 1800g
    .Package Dimensions: 30×37×9cm
    .Packing: Bag

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