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TacticalXmen Level III Body Armor Enhanced Tactical Protection Plates

TacticalXmen Level III Body Armor Enhanced Tactical Protection PlatesItem NO.: 3515220

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TacticalXmen Level III Body Armor Enhanced Tactical Protection Plates
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  • PE Ultra-high Polymer Polyethylene
  • ESA (D3O) Thickened
  • Multi-Curve Armor Shape
  • 2.45 Lbs Per Plate
  • 0.71 Inch Thick​
  • 10 x12“ ESAPI
  • 5 years Guaranteed
  • Features:
    .The outer shell is molded in one piece from thermoplastic polyurethane polymers, wrapped with ultra-high polymer polyethylene hot-pressed ballistic fiberboard, and the interior side is made of the shear-thickening composite material ESA (D3O) to reduce bullet impact damage.
    .Inspired by the appearance of the geometric multi-angle facets of a tank, the protective plates are using the principle of equivalent armor, increasing the angle of the cut surface on the basis of the curved plate. It will increase the equivalent thickness without increasing the physical thickness, improve the defense performance of the bulletproof plate, and ensure the light weight under the same protection capacity. Features the ergonomic structure, the protective plates are suitable for tactical positions.
    .The exterior design of the tank cutout utilizes the principle of equivalent armor, which increases the equivalent thickness without increasing the physical thickness to enhance the defensive capability.
    .Adopts ergonomically design for a comfortable fit. Concave curved shoulder design with flexible pinch angle is suitable for pistol grasping posture, as well as long gun against the shoulder posture. Provide angled support for prone posture.
    .The front side is made of thermoplastic polyurethane polymer material with one-piece molding shell, featuring wear-resistant and drop-resistant.
    .The interior surface uses shear thickening composite ESA (D3O) to form a cushioning layer, which is subjected to high-impact moments. The molecules in the material will lock together to expand and harden, dispersing the force across the entire surface area, thereby significantly reducing the ability to transfer guards on the body, providing effective protection and having the advantage of breathable, comfortable material to wear.
    .Ballistic protection rating and firing distance:
    7.62x63mm API bullet (M2 machine gun), 15 meters
    7.62x54mm lead-core bullet (Dragunov blocking rifle), 15 meters
    7.62x54mmAPI bullet (Chinese Type 79/85 stopping rifle), 15 meters
    7.62x51mm NATO bullet (M-14), 15 meters
    7.62x39mm MSC/API bullet (AK-47), 15 meters
    5.56x45mm M193/SS109/M855 bullet (M-16), 15 meters

    Assorted pistol bullets and explosive fragmentation, 2 meters

    .Color: Black/Tan
    .Material: PE Ultra-high Polymer Polyethylene
    .Protection Level: China GA-5 level / U.S. NIJ III level
    .Single Plate Size: 250×300cm
    .Protective Area: 0.075 Square Meters
    .Net Weight of Single Plate: 1100±50g
    .Thickness of Single Plate: 18mm
    .Service Duration: 5 years
    .Product Weight: 2300g
    .Package Weight: 2800g
    .Package Dimensions: 28×33×5cm
    .Packing: Bag

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