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Special Gifts of 3 Cool Tactical Armors in 2023

Oct 26, 2023

Do you know about Chinese style tactical armor? Maybe you have seen similar ones in some historical movies. Today's article will tell you something about the background of this armor, and its function, and finally will introduce several different tactical armor, including complete tactical armor sets, and different parts of the tactical armor!

1.Historical Background of the Protective Armor


The armor is originated in primitive society, mainly using rattan, wood, leather and other raw materials manufactured into a simple protective armor. Then gradually, people have reformed the whole piece of leather armor into removable armor pieces. That is, cut the leather armor into different sizes and shapes according to the different parts of the body, and combine two or more layers of leather together. The surface is painted to make a solid, beautiful and durable armor. Holes were then perforated in the leather pieces and the armor was woven with cords. Leather armor is often used in conjunction with shields in chariot battles to provide effective defense against some weapons.

Later, with the change of dynasties and the improvement of defense requirements, the design of the armor and the materials used were continuously improved and optimized, and slowly there were armors with stronger protection capabilities. So when we are watching some historical-themed movies, we can always find various kinds of armor in them.

2.Functions in Past Ages


The protective armor played a vital role in Ancient battles, it not only became a symbol of the soldier's status, but also protected the soldier's life.

First of all, the importance of protective armor lies in its protective ability. There were different types of armor in ancient times. Early armor was usually made of leather, but with the advancement of metallurgy, the material used to make it gradually shifted to bronze and steel. These armors were able to withstand attacks from swords, spears and lances, providing soldiers with critical defensive capabilities.

Secondly, the armor also possessed the function of deterring the enemy. On the battlefield, soldiers in armor represented authority and power, which was a great psychological pressure on the enemy. Facing an army in armor, even if the enemy's riding and shooting skills are superior, it is difficult to compete with them. Therefore, armor became a kind of invisible killer in ancient wars.

In addition, the manufacture of armor required a lot of resources, especially iron armor. In ancient times, making armor was a difficult task that required a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, armies with armor could not only gain an advantage on the battlefield, but also secure their position and have a chance to overthrow the dynasty.

3.Functions Nowadays


Nowadays, protective armor like this is rarely used in our daily lives. But today, it has another use.

The armor is often used in large-scale offline real CS-like games. Wearing such protective armor, you will not be afraid of being hit by airsoft guns, reducing possible injuries, so you can rest assured that you can boldly charge and enjoy the fun of the game.

It can also be used as costume props for some activities, such as various cosplay theme parties, Halloween, masquerade ball and so on. Wearing this protective armor, you can become the most eye-catching presence in various occasions.

Now let's take a look at these different Chinese style tactical armor that are more oftenly used as costume prop rather than professional protective equipment, both complete sets and separate parts.

Chinese Style Tactical Armor Set

Unlike the other regular protective armor sets, this is not a standalone set by itself. All the armors are included in this set. This Chinese style tactical armor set includes shoulder armor, groin armor, wrist armor and so on, which basically covers all the vulnerable and important parts of the human body. Mainly made of black leather and metal scales, accented with golden domineering beasts and small decorations. The overall look is somehow with a sense of distance, majestic and inviolable. Perfect for those who enjoy studying history and love tactical equipment of all kinds!

6-In-1 Tactical Armor Set (MC Silver/Silver/Black)

This is a 6-in-1 tactical armor set, mainly containing 2 shoulder armor, 2 groin armor, and 2 skirt armor, available in three different colors, namely MC Silver, Silver, and Black. This set supports compatible with a plate carrier for a new wearing. This is a perfect combination of armor and tactics, and has gradually become a new popular loadout style in the field of airsoft recently.

Combining vintage style with modern tactical gear, obviously, we can see that this 6-in-1 tactical armor set is made of a series of metal pieces held together by sturdy strings strung through small holes, and the armor as a whole is secured and assembled by Velcro. There are rope knots on the back of each layer for a more stable use without any worries, please do not unravel them, otherwise, its hard to reconnect them together. It's very easy to put on and take off, and it's not so heavy that you can't breathe, so you won't feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time when you are in a cosplay event. The dark color with vintage armor elements will make the person wearing it look cool. Hurry on if you are interested in this armor set.

7-In-1 Tactical Armor Set (Black/Ranger Green/Camo/Silver)

This 7-in-1 tactical armor set is available in multiple colors: Black/Ranger Green/Camo/Silver, of which Ranger Green and Black are currently the most popular colors. This armor set each contains these things: 1 pair of shoulder armor, 1 groin armor, 2 wrist armor, and 2 skirt armor. It can be wearing with a plate carrier too. For the armor set with different colors of black and ranger green, if you don't want to buy a whole set of armor, you can also buy one single armor of the set separately which is easy to wear and not tiring, such as shoulder armor or wrist armor, and now let’s see what they will do for you.

The different armor corresponds to 4 different parts of the body. They are shoulder, wrist, groin and leg. The shoulder armor protects the shoulders and can protect you against some wear and tear if you need to do some carrying activities. The hands are fragile and can be easily injured or twisted, so if you need to do some heavy lifting, the wrist armor can protect your wrists from trauma or sprains.

The groin armor mainly corresponds to the waist and abdomen of the body. When you need to crouch or make other movements and poses, you don't have to worry about these armor interfering with your freedom of movement because this shoulder and wrist armor is very flexible. Additionally, the groin armor isn't strapped to anything, it just hangs there and doesn't get in the way when you try to roll over or kneel down.

The skirt armor corresponds to the legs and sides of the body, primarily covers the lower half of your body and can be securely fastened to your waist with Velcro to effectively prevent slipping. It is wrapped in a 500D composite nylon fabric that is strong and durable. You can use this skirt armor with any costume to design your own style and participate in cosplay and airsoft events as you wish!


Here are all those of the historical background of the armor, its function at different times, and the introduction of all six types of armor, are you get anything familiar with tactical armor now? If you feel interested, hurry up and place your order!

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