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  • J****G
    This plate carrier has everything I wanted. Black multi cam, laser cut, quick attach at the sides, built in mag pouches on both sides, and the place card. At 511, 135 it fits perfect without having to adjust anything. The inside not only has the mesh to keep you cool but also extra material in strips that allow you to stay even cooler. I bought a 12 gauge place card to swap out when I want to shoot the shotgun. The design is one of the best I found. I wanted to get the best and honestly I was willing to pay more for a good setup. This had a decent price compared to others. 5 stars. Oh and fits my smaller poly plates perfect.
  • Do****te
    When I first ordered this I was expecting it to not work or be exactly what I wanted. I was very wrong, this thing as as close to perfect to me as possible.
    It fits my 10×12 plates PERFECTLY in place and the material is more durable than expected.
    The quick releases fount on the straps and the sides are perfect for putting on and taking off the vest without undoing the cummerbund. ​I've loved wearing it at the range, even outdoors (it's surprisingly cool even in summer weather)
    I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a plate carrier for a mid tier price!!!
  • Bl****er
    Vest has many different colors. This one was black camouflage. Vest is comfortable and adjustable. Has many pockets for pistol, subs, and m4/ak47. Vest disassembles to create other variations of vest depending on your load out. Price is steep. I like this vest but there may be cheaper alternatives.
  • Al****aA
    Hey everyone, hopefully this review helps a little.

    I’m 6’ 0”, 130lbs (yes i’m skinny and lanky)
    Upon first getting my hands on the vest there were a couple of points i’d like to note:

    Pros: At first inspection, i was thoroughly surprised at the quality of construction for the pricepoint, the quick release shoulder buckles are thick and durable, the stitching is great, it holds both my 10x12 plates very easily and snug. It also comes with 9 standard sized rifle magazine pouches, and 4 pistol magazine pouches as well as additional storage behind the plate pouches for trauma pads or medical chest seals/equipment.

    Not really many negatives to say honestly, fairly surprised at the quality for the pricepoint and definitely will be recommending it to anyone looking for an affordable and ready-to-go plate carrier system.
  • Pa****ik
    I love this plate carrier!
    It fits 10x12 plates to it (I ordered the Yakeda Foam plates) cause ya know? I just wanted to look cool in them for movies hahaha, but I read from other reviewers that you could fit real ballistic plates in them as well for real protection! I love how lightweight it is and it holds up well moving around like a ninja in training too. All in all, it is definitely worth purchasing! The quick release is nice to have! And lots of moles and I like how the pouches for your mags are organized, you can slap comms on them etc. I got the CB! I’m happy with my purchase!
  • F****k
    This plate carrier by tacticalxmen is alot better than my other one, it fit better, it feels more durable, it fit my plates better and just feels great for my form.I'd highly recommend this plate carrier for anyone who wants a great vest for an affordable price.
  • H****n
    I have used the Yakeda Plate Carrier (YPC) for a month now. I have conducted a rugged test outside in mud, sand, and snow, indoor room/building clearing. I have torture tested the YPC and it has withstood any and all tests I have put it through. The amount of gear that can be held in or attached to the YPC exceeds the normal amount gear one would use the YPC for. Multiple magazines for Rifle and handgun, first aid kit, tourniquet, knives, radio, phone, emergency lighting, location lighting, and the list goes on. My recommendation for the YPC is very high and believe strongly the YPC is one of the best vests available to the public. Not only do I wear this vest, but my entire team now wears this YPC exclusively.
    Certified Buyer
  • A****y
    Where is the YAKEDA PHANTOM Modular Tactical Vest Plate Carrier Vest made at?
  • M****x
    Man, this plate carrier is official! I'm going to buy another. Looks good, feels good. If you are skeptical about it, don't be, buy it! You won't be disappointed. Great job guys/ladies. Shipping is from over seas, so just be patient. It did come days before it was dated. I love it!
  • J****a
    This is a very nice carrier. I am largely impressed with the stitching and quality. I served in US army and I can tell you this carrier is just as nice as the general issue carriers I was issued. Holds my RMA 10X12 level 4 plates very well, and is comfortable. Easily adjusts. It has the ability to insert side armor which is awesome. If you want a quality plate carrier at a decent price then add this carrier to your cart. Concerned about shipping? No need it took only 8 days to get to Louisiana from China.
  • Da****iN
    Ths Backpack is an awsome answer to my situation. Working in a major city I wanted. Vest that would be readily accessible and not have to wear it all day. U have worn and tested many vests over the years and while many were great while I was in uniform they were just not practical for meeting and greeting clients. No one looks twice at my backpack save when I reached for my laptop. Well done.
  • Ha****L.
    Outstanding quality just like the one I used in the military. There was a issue with my order however as soon as I was able to contact customer support they went to work stayed in contact and resalved the issue quickly.
  • R****S
    Regular backpack in a second transforms to bulletproof backpack. Exactly what I needed to have for my kids. I'll most likely order again
  • J****.
    It absolutely breaks my heart that this is how I have to send my kids to school. Worth every penny for my peace of mind! Quick delivery, High quality backpack. The insert can be put in any backpack, but my son loves this one!
  • C****.
    The helmet arrived sooner than expected, the price was great with the discount received, and the customer service from TacticalXmen was excellent. The helmet is good for the price. There are definitely nicer helmets with better suspension, better paint/coating, better fit/finish, and better padding out there... but they cost 2X to 3X as much as this one. It is reasonably comfortable. This is a good helmet for regular people who will not be using a ballistic helmet every day for duty, but want to have one just in case or for an NVG platform. It would probably work ok for small agencies with tight budgets too, but the suspension system may need replacement every few years if used heavily. Overall, it is a very solid value helmet, and I have no concerns recommending it to folks on a budget.
  • D****l
    I've been wearing this armor everyday for my work. And so far it feels great and lightweight hopefully, I'll never have to test out its capabilities but I'm positive it will work as it is meant to. Definitely recommend this product.
  • L****e
    The helmet is great, it fits well with a few minutes of adjusting it until it fit right and feels comfy on the head, a little heavy but doesn’t cause any neck strain, looks bulky but offers great coverage, and it fits great with my gas mask too. Only issue with it is I look like I’m a character in the movie Starship Troopers.
  • D****.
    I am a “preper” safety is one of my biggest concerns after suffering a head shot wound. I can’t believe these are available to the public, life saving. I would like to see a female line for similar design. Maybe a Steel core level III+? I have seen steel helmets(with less coverage) dead stop a bullet only leaving a dent! Arm and protect the militia!
  • J****.
    The rucksack is fairly robust and seems to be well made . It’s early days yet so I’ll see how it stands up to the rigours of daily use . Plenty of space and good roomy compartments . Zips and straps seem fine and beatiful for the job. At this stage it’s a decent rucksack, overall I’m pleased and it has a good price point .
  • S****l
    Fit perfect in my carrier. Arrived quickly. Definitely will be buying more from these guys!

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