Z-TAC Sordin Headset Tactical ComTac Earmuff

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Z-TAC Sordin Headset Tactical ComTac Earmuff


  • The ComTac is an active-volume hearing protector
  • Any impulsive harmful noise is immediately attenuated to a harmless level
  • When the harmful noise subsides, the hearing function resumes
  • Excellent sound quality with perfect location hearing
  • Up to 4 times amplification, it can be used as a bug to hearing the whispers of the enemy indoor, just like a spy
  • With New Military Standard Plug, PTT is not included


  • Color: Black / Tan / Camouflage
  • Material: Metal + Nylon
  • Product Weight: 400g
  • Package Dimensions: 10*10*10cm
  • Package Weight: 400g
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