WST Gen.5 Noise Cancelling Headset Sound Pickup Earmuff- Helmet Type

  • $69.99


This Gen.5 Noise cancelling earmuff has new function - sound pickup, which will make your ears have a better feeling. Microphone is detachable and available within 2km.

New electronic pickup noise reduction function, decibel filtering: NRR: 2b, SNR: 27db (suitable for noise level: 90 decibels and above, effective sound insulation 27 decibels).

The microphone is detachable and available within two kilometers.

Volume adjustable. Siutable for 7-cell batteries (not included).

Packing list: headphone body *1, microphone *1, manual *1, screwdriver *1, microphone fixing screw *2, inner hexagon *1, helmet rail connector *1 (set)

Estimated Delivery Time 7-14 Days.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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