Wosport Fast Tactical Helmet

  • $39.99


Wosport Fast Tactical Helmet


  • .FOR AIRSOFT USE. Helmet is great for use during Airsoft skirmish events. Should not in any way be used as a real helmet in any activity other than Airsoft.
  • .BUILT FOR BATTLE. Helmet features tough high grade impact resistant construction as to withstand the rigors of the many battles to come.
  • .WEAR WITH EASE. Soft helmet padding ensures that wearing helmet over long periods of time does not sacrifice comfort.
  • .SNAP AND LOCK. Quick Release system allows operators to strap helmet securely during high performance maneuvers and scenarios.
  • .KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. Helmet is manufactured with durable yet lightweight materials that won't bog your head down or obstruct view while in motion.
  • Package Content:

    .1 x Helmet
    .9 x Memory Foam Cushion
    .1 x Magic Tape
    .1 x Multifunction Converter
    .1 x Adapter
    .1 x Switch Base
    .2 x 36mm Rotating Clamp
    .2 x 19mm Rotating Clamp
    .1 x Guide Rail Adapter
    .1 x Wing-Loc Wing-Loc

  • Estimated Delivery Time 7-14 Days.
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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