Outdoor Tactical Magazine Pouch

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Outdoor Tactical Magazine Pouch


.Durable and safe material: High quality TPR is used as the main material to make Fastmag have good
flexibility and good touch
.The inside of the elastic rope is a high-toughness rubber thread, which can effectively hold the magazine into which it is placed
.Rear Molle webbing is a nylon material with good wear resistance and wear resistance
.The front can be loaded with a pistol magazine and a Fastmag with a width of less than 1.2 inches.It has good compatibility
.It is recommended that the player use the WST 9mm magazine for better compatibility
.The side is an elastic plate, and when the magazine is loaded, it is stabilized by pressing the side elastics
.The Molle straps on the back are versatile and can be mounted on the Molle Web or on the belt for better
.The front part provides a socket system that can be fitted to other small accessory boxes


.Color: Black / Kahki / Green / Grey
.Material: TPR + Nylon
.Product Weight: 100g
.Package Dimensions: 10*10*6cm
.Package Weight: 150g
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