FMA PJ-FAST Tactical Helmet

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FMA PJ-FAST Tactical Helmet


.The side rails are 21mm rails that fit most of the lighting and other expansion accessories. The front end is an NVG base that can carry night vision or GoPro lighting. (without NVG bracket)
.The interior is surrounded by elastic sponge cushions that are cushioned by pressure and are comfortable to wear.
.Front and back of the leather track can be fitted with earmuffs by screws to protect the ear (this product is not equipped with earmuffs)
.Application:Airsoft / Paintball / Hunting / Other Outdoor Activities


.Material: ABS
.Product Size: 26*24*18cm(L) / 27*25*19cm(XL)
.Product Weight: 600g
.Package Dimensions: 30*24*17cm
.Package Weight: 800g

Package Content:

.1 x Helmet
.5 x Magic Tape
.1 x Pads
.2 x Rail Connector
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