FMA Mandible Half Face Mask for Airsoft Fast Helmet

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FMA Mandible Half Face Mask for Airsoft Fast Helmet

  • Provides additional face protection from blunt trauma 
  • Compatible with Ops-Core FAST MT Super High Cut and XP High Cut Helmets
  • Uses to provide lower face protection from IED fragments, rough terrain landings (airborne), and debris encountered during off-road vehicle missions
  • Flexible frame allows a close stock weld, and results in minimum interference when sighting shoulder-fired weapons
  • Folds conveniently to fit into rucksack or other storage
  • Quick and tool-less attachment to the FAST Side Rails
  • Color: Camouflage / Tan / Black
  • Material: Nylon + ABS
  • Product Dimensions: 25*15*8cm
  • Product Weight: 320g
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