Evolution In Battle All Weather Combat Shirt

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The design of the Evolution In Battle camouflage pattern utilizes the way the human eye and brain perceive shape, volume, and color. Compared with the traditional camouflage contrast effect, the Evolution In Battle camouflage relies more on blending effects rather than general camouflage. This makes the camouflage perform well in a variety of environmental conditions and helps maintain the effectiveness of the pattern.
.We spent a lot of time researching how to work in a natural environment and considering the most difficult places to hide. We also studied which topographic elements are most common in a wide range of environments. The impact of light on environmental characteristics was recorded, and seasonal changes in different regions were tracked. Finally, all these factors are combined to form observation data and test them. We spent a lot of time discussing with professional users, and based on their observations, we took the focus of attention into consideration. Continue to test, optimize, retest again...until we achieve the results we want


  • Chief Value of Cotton+Teflon® material
  • .Hook&loop windproof neckline design
  • Interchangeable logo shoulder loops on the shoulders
  • Velcro strips on chest badges
  • Mesh ventilation and heat dissipation channels on both sides of the back
  • Special buckles are firm and easy to use
  • Double armband Hook&loop position
  • Double arm YKK zipper pocket


Color: Multi-cam
.Material: CVC 50/50 Fabric Waterproof Coating + YKK Zipper
.Product Weight: 735g
.Package Dimensions: 40 x 50cm
.Package Weight: 762g
.Packing: Transparent Bag

Package Content:

.1 x Coat

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