B&W Special Forces Tactical Vest

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no postage,no tax,B&W Special Forces Tactical Vest


.The material is durable and safe: the imported raw material 600D nylon is used as the raw material of the vest, which makes the vest have excellent moisture resistance and wear resistance. The front part is made of hard EVA material, which can effectively protect the body and play a buffering role when impacted.
.Novel design: most of the original tactical bulletproof vests are reproduced, and a small part of them are improved from the original ones to form a more excellent modeling effect.
.Manufacturing process: the world's leading dyeing technology, in light resistance, resistance to dry rubbing color fastness, washing than other vest on the market is better.
.The hard board is made of EVA, with beautiful shape and good toughness, and has good impact resistance and modeling effect. The lower part is the EVA board of the latest mounting system, which can carry items such as magazine pouch and expand tactical supplies

What Size:

One size fit most


.Color: Black
.Material: TPR + EVA + 600D Nylon
.Product Weight: 100g
.Package Dimensions: 40*30*5cm
.Package Weight: 1500g

Package Content:

.1 x Tactical Vest

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