Classic Style Protective Mirror Face Mask with Lens

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Classic Style Protective Mirror Face Mask with Lens 


  • Black detachable mouth guard and separate goggles.
  • The lens has strong toughness, anti-fog and UV protection.
  • High-strength TPU frame, has good toughness and can be bent freely. 
  • The frame equipped with high-density elastic sponge and adjustable elastic band, which make the goggles perfectly fit for your face and comfortable to wear without bound feeling.
  • The detachable breathable mouth guard comes with a clean and hygienic filter sponge in the inner side to block the mouth part direct contacting with the mask, which is more healthy and reasonable.
  • The two sides of the mask have two breathable air holes, so that the ventilation system inside the mask circulates naturally and the air is more fresh.
  • This kind of mirror protective mask is suitable for outdoor CS activities, and also applies to outdoor areas such as snow climbing and rock climbing, etc.


  • Color: Yellow / Transparent / Grey / Silver / Colorful
  • Material: TCU + PC
  • Product Size: 5*18*18.5cm
  • Product Weight: 175g
  • Package Dimensions: 5.8*18.8*19.3cm
  • Package Weight: 180g
  • Packing: OPP Bag

Package Content:

  • 1 x Mask
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