What's the Meaning of Cobra Belt Buckle?

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1. The definition of Cobra Belt Buckle.Emerson Cobra Belt

Cobra Belt Buckle is the one have been used much less than normal belt buckles people wear.https://www.tacticalxmen.com/collections/strap-belt/belt...

They aren't too complex. A male end of the buckle has a prong, which goes into the female end and "clicks" shut. It stays there until the two release tabs are pressed and the buckle opens. They are not so complex than what you think. It can be used for  parachuting, cargo applications, rescue and military because it's quick-release, load-bearing buckle. It can load tons of weight. Is that amazing? In other words, the buckle can take a lot of punishment and isn't possible to open unless someone's opens it.

Naturally, that means there's a lot of applications in any endeavor where requires a load-bearing strap. Mountaineering, search and rescue, cargo, parachuting, tactical endeavors, etc., most of those are for the military.

Anyway, this design are anywhere around us. Now, cobra buckle are more and more populary used on tactical belts for gun shooting.


2.Are they strong enough?Emerson Cobra Belt

For this question, you need not to worry at all. Cobra buckles are pieces of hardware rated for serious thing. Various versions are rated to load bearing strengths of several tons; the base model has a tensile strength of 2,000 pounds, some models 4,000 pounds and some models up to 11,000 pounds - that's 5.5 TONS of pull before breakage.

In addition, the buckles are specially designed for adverse conditions, so dust, dirt, moisture and even saltwater cannot adversely affect them at all.

For Gun use, we highly suggest EMERSON GEAR COBRA BELT:https://www.tacticalxmen.com/collections/strap-belt/products/emersongear-cobra-1-75-2-inch-one-pcs-combat-belt

3.Except For Knock-Off Bucklestacticalxmen tactical belt

Except cobra buckle belt ,there are many low-quality konck-offs. Customers should be careful in case be tricked.

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