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TacticalXmen Level III  Armor And Bigfoot GTPC Lightweight Plate Carriers Package

TacticalXmen Level III Armor And Bigfoot GTPC Lightweight Plate Carriers PackageItem NO.: 1581584

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TacticalXmen Level III Armor And Bigfoot GTPC Lightweight Plate Carriers Package
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    1x GTPC Modular AdjustablePplate Carrier
    2x 10x12 UTA Unversal Body Armor 
    1x Free Front Triple Mag Pouches

    1X Free Shoulder Pads


    • All-in-one Package – This package is perfect for you if you’re looking for a quick-and-easy solution that works right out of the box. 
    • Adjustable – Adjust the size between Small and XXXL to get the perfect fit. Also great if you’re looking to share between people.
    • MOLLE System – The MOLLE system is incorporated both front and back for maximal customization options.
    The carrier itself has a MOLLE system in place, both front and back, to allow for additional customization.The package also includes shoulder pads for long-duration wearing without discomfort.
    Carrier include the front triple mag pouches and shoulder pads!

    Bigfoot GTPC Details:

    • You can get a replacement if the vest damage cuase any violent use  in 6 MONTHES.
    • Compatible with plate:25*30(10"x12)
    • One size fit all with easy adjust system.
    • Bar-tack master:Up to 58 bar-tack points over this carrier make it cant be damaged by normal using
    • Front Triple Mag pouches is featured for 3 AR mags or AK mags holding
    • Made by 500D nylon,double-layer material over the laser cutting part with high-temperature composite skill,keep the plate carrier durable but lightweight enough.
    • Soft shoulder pad to help in reducing the pain of the shoulder.
    • Compatible with MK3 or Crye Precision chest rig.
    • Side cummerbund There are 3 compartments on each side for storing things such as radio, mag, AR, notebook etc.
    • Quick release in case of an emergency or convenient to remove and put on.
    • Reserved sockets in the front side for PPT install.
    • Front YKK zipper pouch enough to carry your 6' phone .
    • File pouch added on the front close fitting

    Body Armor details:


    Our Level III rifle rated hard armor plates are independently tested to NIJ protocol 0101.06. Designed with a multi-curve profile to provide an ergonomic and comfortable fitting armor system that is intended to wear against your body all day. 

    Tested at muzzle velocities which are listed in the ‘threat profile’ table below and describes the rated ammunition this armor system will defeat. The UTA Level III Armor  is engineered with the highest grade of 90 layers ballistic materials ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) bound with 6mm SiC(ceramic) chip  to make it a hard stand-alone armor system.Standard 10X12" size means this armor can be inserted into most plate carrier in the market


    • independently tested to NIJ protocol 0101.06,Level III
    • multi-hit capability
    • Highest level of protection under NIJ 0101.06 and other global standards 
    • reduce spall and deflection of projectile fragments
    • Lightweight and ergonomic (4lbs per plate)
    • Plate Cover Included


    • Constructed with (SiC) ceramics Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
    • Price Per Set(two plates)
    • 0.82 Inch Thick
    • 4Lbs Per Plate
    • 10X12" Size
    • In Stock

    Test Details(16.5 yards based):

    • 7.62x51 NATO 2,800 ft/s ± 30 ft/s
    • 7.62x39 MSC/API 2,350 ft/s  ± 30 ft/s
    • 5.56x45 NATO  3,150 fp/s  ± 30 ft/s 

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