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TXM YPC  Plate Carrier

TXM YPC Plate Carrier Item NO.: 1547663

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US$ 108.99
MC BK MCBK GREY Level 3 Plates X2 Level 3A Plates X2

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  • Be compatible with front/back plate 25*30cm(10 x12 ),side plate 5 x6 .
  • One Size fit all.
  • Come with front triple mag pouches and two double pistol mag pouches

Product Name TXM YPC Plate Carrier
Item NO. 1547663
Weight 1.6 kg = 3.5274 lb = 56.4383 oz
Category All Products > Tactical Vest > Plate Carriers
Creation Time 2020-09-08

Are you looking for the ultimate plate carrier that doesn’t require a ton of modification? Look no further. With this amazing plate carrier, for a good price, you’ll be happy with your purchase.

  • Complete MOLLE Design
  • Front and Rear 10″ X 12″ Plate Carrying Capabilities
  • From S-XXL Adjustable Size
  • Multi-Functional
  • Made out of 1000D Nylon Fabric to Withstand Heavy Abuse
  • Breathable Padding to Provide Maximum Comfort

  • X1 Three Grenade/Tear Gas/Smoke/Knife Pouches (Or otherwise pouches for snacks and tabacco.. let’s be honest…)
  • X1, Three Magazine Carrying Pouch.
  • X2, Single Magazine/Radio Pouch.
  • X1, Medical Pouch
  • X1, Rear Waist Pouch For Utility Items… or more snacks.

Body Armor Details:



  • multi-hit capability 
  • reduce spall and deflection of projectile fragments
  • Plate Cover Included


  • constructed with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Price Per Set(two plates)
  • 0.31 Inch Thick
  • 1.1Lbs Per Plate
  • 10X12" Size
  • In Stock

Test Details(16.5 yards based):

  • 7.62×25/1,430fp/s(± 30 ft/s)



  • independently tested to NIJ protocol 0101.06,Level III
  • multi-hit capability
  • Highest level of protection under NIJ 0101.06 and other global standards 
  • reduce spall and deflection of projectile fragments
  • Lightweight and ergonomic (4lbs per plate)
  • Plate Cover Included


  • Constructed with Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramics Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Price Per Set(two plates)
  • 0.82 Inch Thick
  • 4Lbs Per Plate
  • 10X12" Size
  • In Stock

Test Details(16.5 yards based):

  • 7.62x51 NATO(M14) 2,800 ft/s ± 30 ft/s
  • 7.62x39 MSC/API(AK47) 2,350 ft/s  ± 30 ft/s
  • 5.56x45 NATO(M16)  3,150 fp/s  ± 30 ft/s 



I have used the Yakeda Plate Carrier (YPC) for a month now. I have conducted a rugged test outside in mud, sand, and snow, indoor room/building clearing. I have torture tested the YPC and it has withstood any and all tests I have put it through. The amount of gear that can be held in or attached to the YPC exceeds the normal amount gear one would use the YPC for. Multiple magazines for Rifle and handgun, first aid kit, tourniquet, knives, radio, phone, emergency lighting, location lighting, and the list goes on. My recommendation for the YPC is very high and believe strongly the YPC is one of the best vests available to the public. Not only do I wear this vest, but my entire team now wears this YPC exclusively.